About Us

BACNA History

BACNA has been a part of the Baltimore Area for over 19 years.  In 1995, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed by the Baltimore Area to begin the development of the 1st BACNA Committee.   1996 marked the birth year of the BACNA Convention, whose members understood  that With Change Comes Growth. Our conscience and the ability to love were sharply affected by our use of drugs. In an effort to help addicts recover from this damage, in 1997 the BACNA II Committee decided to let addicts know that We Will Love You Until You Learn To Love Yourself. The BACNA Committee continued to grow as an intricate branch of the Narcotics Anonymous World Service structure within the Freestate Region. In 1999 BACNA III Committee motivated addicts in the Baltimore Area to develop confidence in The Ultimate Weapon, Another Recovering Addict.

 Wow, it was amazing!  Addicts were relying on each other for strength and courage, which developed confidence in all who chose to participate in the recovery journey.  In 2001, the BACNA IV Committee provided evidence that addicts could Suffer No More from the horrors of addiction.  For many years addicts have lived isolated and alone, however, in 2003, the BACNA V Committee members were vigilant of The Ties That Bind Us Together and as long as we adhered to this mantra all will be well.  Continuously, the BACNA VI Committee persevered, regardless of the challenges they faced year after year.  In 2005, Coming To Believe recovery was possible was no longer a dream but a reality.

Working Together by Uniting Together in 2006 the BACNA VII Committee worked exceptionally hard at sharing and caring the NA way.  The Baltimore Area had grown to be the largest area in the Freestate Region and the Freestate Region is the 8th largest region in the World Service structure of Narcotics Anonymous.

As the Baltimore Area has grown in unity, in numbers and in fellowship the BACNA VIII Committee’s Road To Freedom was paved with the hard won experiences of those who came before 2008.  Those experiences shed new light on the likelihood of sustained recovery in the Baltimore Area.  The 2010 BACNA IX Committee was committed to helping addicts come out of denial, move towards acceptance, and turn acceptance into trusting that Miracles Happen in recovery. In 2012, the BACNA X…..   After having overcome fears, been strengthened by faith, we evolved into the epitome of surrender.  No longer bound by our character defects, We Have Come To Enjoy Living Clean.

We needed each other more and more, 2014 and BACNA XI brought about the theme The Heart of NA Beats When Two Addicts Share Their Recovery. Living clean and finding the spark that makes our recovery an ongoing, rewarding, and exciting journey requires active change in our ideas and attitudes. For many of us, this is a shift from Desperation To Passion, our theme for BACNA XII in 2016. This passion laid the foundation for the BACNA XIII theme in 2018 of Gratitude in Action: An Engine for Change.